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My name is Chris Mullally and I am just an ordinary man trying to do something extraordinary. When I heard that up to 600,000 children could die from starvation in Somalia, I said the same thing that almost everyone says today – “Wow – that’s really terrible but what can I do about it”.

Within 3 days of learning about this problem it just really occurred to me that I always say that. Of course I cannot do anything about it because I never really try to do anything about it.

It became apparent to me that if I would just make the time in my life to try to do something that maybe I just could. So the Extraordinary Project launches with the goal of raising 1 million dollars to try to do something about it.

I am calling out the rest of this country and the world to join me in trying to make a difference in something that will save the lives of many children. Whether it is your own or somebody else’s, every child must depend on others to be their providers and that is us.

All I am asking for is $1.00 from 1 million people. Almost everyone has a dollar to give. I not only hope that you have $1.00 to give but that you have 10 or 20 other friends that have $1.00 to give. Please get involved in making a difference $1.00 at a time. Together, lets do something that really matters.

An additional note —

The Extraordinary Project is incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit corporation. The Extraordinary Project is being fully funded by my wife and I. 100% of your donations, less whatever credit card or Paypal fees are deducted go directly to the goal. There are no other administrative fees.